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Surf Northern Peru's Highest Quality Glassy Waves and the Longest Left on the Globe

Offshore winds with 1 to 1.5-mile-long rides that never close out.

Departures in May, June, and August 2019

Ocean View Lodging
Surfing in Peru
Point Break
Surfing the Waves at Punta Huanchaco


  • All packages include 3 bedroom 2 bath, living room, kitchen, laundry room, surfboard storage garage, and personal bicycle.
  • Each guest receives private room or shared room at lodging.
  • Wave riding every day. Northern Peru offers high quality long period glassy or offshores and long period swell 360 days per year.
  • Pacific Ocean view lodging & surfing the waves daily at Punta Huanchaco Beach town.
  • Transfers between airport and your Pacific Ocean view accommodations.
  • Daily wave riding at local Punta Huanchaco surf spots.
  • Experienced surf guide & translator.
  • You may use another airline of your choice to meet us at Trujillo or Chiclayo airports.
  • Average water temperatures– May: 70°F, June: 67°F, July: 64°F, August: 64°F.
  • Average air temperatures– May: 74°F, June: 73°F, July: 71°F, August: 70°F.
  • You will surf Chicama during the highest quality wave day or days, which includes:
  • Chicama breaks best on huge long period swells that arrive every 4 to 7 days in May through August.
  • Transport from Punta Huanchaco beach town lodging to Chicama.
  • Photos & videos of you riding the longest left ridden wave in the world for two days.
  • Boat transfers to/from Chicama Point for 2 days.
  • Your boat captain will drop you off at the line up take off spot and return you back to the point during each daily surf session for two days.
  • A USB flash drive with your Northern Peru surfing videos and photos will be edited and sent to you.


  • Jetson electric powered 8' or 9' surfboards and longboards are available for rent during the entire Chicama surf trips.
  • Advanced Reservation required before departure

Ocean View Lodging, Punta Huanchaco

Not Included:

  • Air fare from USA Gateway City to Trujillo or Chiclayo Peru airports.
  • Airfare cost round trip including taxes from Orlando to Chiclayo airport estimated @ $500 to $600 for May low season, $700 to $900 for June/August high season departures to either Chiclayo or Trujillo airports.
  • Souvenirs
  • Food and beverage. Note: Washer and dryer included in lodging.
  • Highly recommended: Trip cancellation insurance after trip deposit completed.
  • One surfboard and board bag will fly free as long as it's one of your two pieces of check luggage weighing up to 50lbs.
  • Each airline offers different surfboard transportation fees. Some are free and others charge $100-150 one way. Contact us for details if you plan to fly without your surf guide and translator to meet us.

Surfing Itineraries Offered to Chicama and Huanchaco, Northern Peru

All packages include two full days transport to Chicama on best two wave days with boat captain and group photographer/videographer.

May 2019 Low Season 11days/10nights
May 7- May 27, 2019 $999** or $1799*** --Space Available
June 2019 High Season 11days/10nights
June 4 - June 14, 2019 $999** or $1799*** --Space Available
August 2019 Shoulder Season 11days/10nights
August 6 - 16, 2019 $1199** or $1899*** --Space Available

*Prices based on 4 persons joining us or going as a group. Prorated surcharge will apply if less than 4 travelling. Contact us for pricing for 1-3 travellers.

**Price based on two beds and double room occupancy.

***Price based on single room supplement occupancy.

Chicama surf
Surfing at Chicama

For Reservations and Detailed Itinerary, Call or Email Us: