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Surf Punta Huanchaco's Surfing Reserve & The Longest Left Hand Wave on the Globe with Offshore Winds and 1-2 Mile Long Rides That Never Close Out

More about Northern Peru:

  • Northern Peru's south swell surfing season is from April to August.

  • Average water temperatures - April: 72ºF, May: 70ºF, June: 67ºF, July: 65ºF, August: 65ºF

  • Average air temperatures - April: 76ºF, May: 74ºF, June 73ºF, July: 72ºF, August: 71ºF

  • Puerto Chicama breaks best on huge, 18-22 second, long-period swells that arrive every 4-7 days in April through August from Antarctica's low-pressure magenta blobs.

  • Punta Huanchaco has earned it's World Surfing Reserve title for offering consistent and glassy point-break swells that are always larger than waist-high every day during the south swell season with 50-100 yard rides.

  • Flights connect to Trujillo via Lima from USA gateway cities including, but not limited to, LAX, SFO, LAS, DCA, JFK, BOS, ORD, FLL, MIA, MSY, and TPA.