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What's Included:

General Trip Inclusions:


  • All packages include 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, kitchen, laundry room, surfboard storage garage, and personal bicycle.

  • Each guest receives a private room or a shared room at lodging.

  • Wave riding every day. Northern Peru offers high-quality long period glassy or offshores and long period swell 360 days per year.

  • Pacific Ocean view lodging & surfing the waves daily at Punta Huanchaco Beach town.

  • Transfers between airport and your Pacific Ocean view accommodations.

  • Daily wave riding at local Punta Huanchaco surf spots.

  • Experienced surf guide & translator.

  • You may use another airline of your choice to meet us at Trujillo airport.

  • Average water temperatures– April:  72 F , May: 70°F, June: 67°F, July: 65°F, August: 65°F.

  • Average air temperatures– April: 76 F, May: 74°F, June: 73°F, July: 72°F, August: 71°F.

You will surf Puerto Chicama during the highest quality wave days which includes:


  • Puerto Chicama breaks best on huge long-period swells that arrive every 4 to 7 days in April through August.

  • Transport from Punta Huanchaco beach town lodging to Puerto Chicama.

  • Up to 3 days surfing at Puerto Chicama is included depending on swell size. 

  • One video of you wave riding at Puerto Chicama. 

  • A boat captain that will drop you off at the line up take off spot and return you back to the point during each surf session.

  • A USB flash drive with your Northern Peru surfing videos or photos will be provided to you.


  • Jetson Surf Technology electric powered 8' or 9' surfboards and longboards are available for rent during the entire Huanchaco and Puerto Chicama surf trips.

  • Advanced Reservation required before departure.


Not Included:

  • Air fare from USA Gateway City to Trujillo or Chiclayo Peru airports.

  • Airfare cost round trip including taxes from Orlando to Chiclayo airport estimated @ $470 to $599 for May low season, $599 to $799 for June 16 - August 16 high season departures to either Chiclayo or Trujillo airports. Connecting flights from LAX, SFO, LAS, DCA, JFK, BOS, ORD, FLL, MIA, MSY, and TPA.

  • Souvenirs

  • Food and beverage. Note: Washer and dryer included in lodging.

  • Highly recommended: Trip cancellation insurance after trip deposit completed.

  • Up to two surfboards and board bag will fly for $150 one way weighing up to 100 lbs (45 kg) and 9'6" maximum length with Copa Airlines.

  • Up to two surfboards and board bag will fly for $100 one way weighing up to 50 lbs (23 kg) and 10'6" maximum length with Latam Airlines.

  • Up to two surfboards and board bag will fly for $200 one way weighing up to 70 lbs (32 kg) and 10'6" maximum length with Latam Airlines.

  • Other airlines offers different surfboard transportation fees. Charges range from $100-$200 one way. Contact us for details if you plan to fly without your surf guide and translator to meet us.

  • To reduce surfboard transport costs we suggest placing 2-3 boards per bag and share the cost with members of your surfing group. Contact us for assistance.